A comprehensive range of bike services for every need.

A one-to-one conversation with your bike to understand its health condition. So that, we can determine the right treatment to maintain or improve its well-being.

Remember the old saying:
prevention is better {and cheaper} than cure”.

Our bike therapies

Essential therapy

A nice tune-up to keep it mint.

Vital and specific touches that keep the basics in place to simply enjoy the way.


Road / MTB

Safety Check (Tyres, wheels, frame)

Gears tune

Derailleur hanger alignment

Brakes alignment

Check pads condition

Check chain wear

Bolt check

Drivetrain lubrication

Clean frame

Cyclic therapy

Good habits to get more rides.

Wipe the fatigue off your bike regularly and keep the key points flawless.


Road / MTB

Essential Therapy plus:

Service Bottom Bracket

Adjust hubs

Adjust headset

Lubricate cables

Intensive therapy

A deeper session for a longer life.

Full service of the main moving parts to guarantee they are top-notch.


Road / MTB

Cyclic Therapy plus:

Service headset

Service hubs

Replace brake pads

Fit new chain

Minor wheel true

Maximal therapy

Pretty much a “factory reset” for your bike.

A complete disassembly, clean-up and reassembly of the bike.


Road / MTB

Intensive Therapy plus:

Degrease drivetrain

Replace cables


Essential Therapy

Cyclic Therapy

Intensive Therapy

Maximal Therapy

Safety Check (Tyres, wheels, frame)????
Gears tune????
Derailleur hanger alignment????
Brakes alignment????
Check pads condition????
Check chain wear????
Bolt check????
Drivetrain lubrication????
Clean Frame????
Service/Replace Bottom Bracket???
Adjust hubs???
Adjust headset???
Lubricate Cables???
Service headset??
Service hubs??
Replace brake pads??
Fit new chain??
Minor wheel true??
Clean drivetrain?
Replace cables?


Dirty bikes are subject to a Pre-therapy/Service Cleaning surcharge of $50

All bike therapies and special needs services exclude parts.

These will be quoted and charged over and above the service fees at the standard retail price. 

You are welcome to bring your own parts and components, however, in the case of a fault, we won’t be able to assist you with the warranty.

— • —

At The Cyclologist, we are passionate about bicycles as much as you. We do our best to service every bike in the best possible way, so your bike will be in expert hands with us.

We are Certified Professional Bike Mechanics. However, sometimes we cannot anticipate possible issues which may arise during the initial check-up of your bike.

Some of these may cause extra costs but don’t worry, you will always be informed and your approval will be required before going ahead with any additional work to avoid unpleasant surprises.

— • —

Original parts and accessories.

Superb and precise tools