We want to add more life to your bike so you can add more bike to your life.

We believe that bicycles can change people’s lives and people on their bikes can change the world. We believe our purpose is keeping those bicycles spinning flawlessly so this cycle can be kept. We like to call this “The cyclo-change”.

Our manifesto

Riding a bicycle is a therapy

We all deserve bicycles that make us happy and feel happy riding on our bicycles.

We believe a simple system like a bicycle can alleviate the complexity of our days.

It’s for that reason the world simply needs more bicycles.

We believe that when we follow our passion it takes us to the right destination and if we go on a bike the journey is more pleasant.

Improving your life through your bike

We simply want to contribute to
keeping your body healthy,
your life ahead of the pack,
and your mind psychologically fresh
by maintaining your bike physically fit
and prepared to pedal towards a better version of yourself.

For us, bicycles are a clean, inexhaustible, and infinite fuel which makes our lives move forward.
A combustible capable of turning the whole planet around under its wheels.

A hobby that improves other’s lives and fulfils ours.

Learning to ride

The Cyclologist’s roots are from one of the places that produces the best cyclists in the planet, the best coffee, and innate hard workers. Colombia.

Our parents were professional cyclists in the 70’s and 80’s, so cycling is in our blood as well as the desire of helping others.

Although we began fixing our own bikes at home since the 90’s, our preparation as Cyclologists started in 2014 in Colombia volunteering and working for local workshops. When we weren’t training on our bicycles, racing triathlons, or creating in the office, we where tinkering, fixing and learning.

Then we got hooked on taking care of bikes in a much deeper level and wanted to take it to a professional level. So we started attending professional trainings and courses, getting certifications by well-known brands and learning directly from the masterminds.

Training to be better

In 2015 we came to New Zealand and had the fortune to meet the right person in the right moment, so we got into the bikes field almost immediately. Our preparation was rigorous though.

We started from literally zero, assembling all kind of bikes piece by piece for months. Learning the right practices and being tested continually to guarantee the highest standards.

Then, we got certified as Professional Bike Mechanics by The Shimano Academy NZ managed by Rene Van Rijn at that time, who evaluated us strictly and systematically bit per bit.

After that, we started to work for several national and international brands like Sheppard Cycles NZ, Avanti Cycles NZ, Scott International, Merida, just to name a few. And also for some of the most well-known retailers in the country.

Our desire to learn more and our continuous training took us to perform as Head Bike Mechanics and to be involved with warranty departments and customer services.

Over the years, we’ve been mechanics for Ironman NZ, IM70.3 NZ, Taupo Challenge, Tauranga – Mount Festival, Weet-bix Kids TRYathlon, and many other events.