We’re a professional

bicycle workshop

in Birkenhead.


The Cyclologist is the smallest {and smiliest} specialty bike workshop in town.
We like to call it a “Boutique Bike Workshop”.
Mid to top-end bicycles are our forte: Road, Mountain, Triathlon, Urban, and E-Bikes. We still work on {hand-picked} entry-level bikes.
Volume? yeah nah! that’s not our business, and we are not a retail either. Quality? yup! that is our ultimate target, we work one-on-one with people. Hence your bike could {will} spend some extra time with us. Cause we don’t rush it. We do not take shortcuts. Our friends {customers} know our names, and we remember theirs most of the time. They also know of our mesmerised work. That’s something we’re very proud of. Greatness is in the details. There is not Artificial Intelligence in any of our processes. But if we make a mistake {human intelligence makes mistakes} we’ll get real and will tell you straightaway. That’s how trust works.
Well, that’s us. We hope we can put a face to the name soon.

Put your bike in good hands.

The Cyclologist Shimano Drivetrain Chain Pedals Road Bike Frame Carbon

First-class componentry for first-class rides

There are no shortcuts when one wants the best outcome. That’s why we use and recommend brands that will perform hassle-free in the long run.

Ethical, professional and certified care

We understand 100% how much your bike means to you so that we strive to take care of her in the best possible way. We are also backed by a group of experts when a new challenge comes up.

The Cyclologist Shimano Drivetrain Chain Pedals Road Bike Frame Carbon

State-of-the-art tools and practices

In order to get great results, we combine the most well-known tools with continuous training to use them properly and efficiently in every component of your bike.