Small changes executed precisely make big differences.

You know what you want for your bike.
We know how to get it done right. Any change in your bike should improve your ride, your experience, and the bike itself. Either it’s building your new bike from scratch, doing an upgrade, or something that needs fixing, we’re here to guide you professionally through the journey. There’s nothing like doing it right from the begining, so you only do it once.  

Special needs 

Here are the most common ones:

• Replace gear/brake cables

• Tune gears

• Replace brake pads

• Hydraulic brake bleeding

• Di2 update or system tune-up

• Wheel truing/building

• Replace broken spokes

• Replace tyre/tube

• Service/replace bottom bracket

• Fit new chain

• Service/Replace pulley wheels

• Fit new brakes

• Service/Replace drivetrain

• Custom bike build

• Tune brakes

• Adjust Headset

• Adjust Hubs

• Replace derailleur hanger

• Replace derailleur front/rear

• Install dropper seat post

• Bike boxing

For any other necessity, let’s have a conversation to understand what your bike needs.

 Hourly Rate $89.99

Minimum labour charge $24.99

PLEASE BRING YOUR BIKE CLEAN. Dirty Bikes will be subject to a Pre-therapy/Service Cleaning surcharge $50

All therapies and special needs services exclude parts. These will be quoted and charged over and above the service fees at the standard retail price. You are welcome to bring your own parts and components, however, in the case of a fault, we won’t be able to assist you with the warranty.

— • —

We are passionate about bicycles as much as you. We do our best to service every bike in the best possible way, so your bike will be in expert hands with us.

At The Cyclologist we are Certified Professional Bike Mechanics. However, sometimes we cannot anticipate possible issues which may arise during the initial check-up of your bike.

Some of these may cause extra costs but don’t worry as you will always be informed and your approval will be required before going ahead with any additional work to avoid unpleasant surprises.

— • —